The Leader in PBE Distribution & Branded Marketing

What we offer

A Dedicated Advisory Board

Designed to establish criteria for promotions and marketing campaigns from the distribution perspective, the Members work diligently with the IAMG staff to create each effective piece of branding literature.

Customizable Solutions and Design

From full color ads to trade show banners, our creative team has you covered by tailoring advertisements to meet your needs.

Total Profit Marketing

We utilize the art of presenting your products and services in the most profitable and cost-effective manner possible. We develop a consistent promotional theme targeted to your ideal audience.

Loyal Partnerships

Our national direct-mail flyer gives your product line greater visibility than any non-IAMG Manufacturer while keeping you in good company – IAMG only offers products from the top players in the industry.

Unique Private Label Opportunities

With the popularity of alternative products at an all time high, our private label business satisfies a niche market and acts as an additional avenue to gain market share.

Online Marketing

In a fast-paced world of emerging technologies, IAMG keeps you connected with your online audience. Through premium, content-specific web sites, we provide the knowledge our customers are looking for, and the tools necessary to keep them coming back for more.

Compelling Value Propositions

Changing perceptions and budgets are creating new opportunities to provide value, and foster engagement. IAMG keeps up on these changes to consistently present you with solutions that allow for mutual growth that include advertising specials, customer email blasts, aftermarket rewards, surveys, focus selling offers and salesman incentives.

How We Do It

Strategic Sales

With a talented breadth of 200+ Salespeople all across North America, we are dedicated to training and educating our people on the product lines and services we represent.

Member Longevity

IAMG offers reliability through longevity. Our Member warehouses, some in business for more than 80 years, solidify success rooted in experience. Unmatched Distribution. IAMG offers more distribution outlets in North America than any other PBE competitor.

Transparent Communication

Once a year, IAMG Manufacturers are invited to Scottsdale, Arizona to share directly with our Members through a platform of intimate one-on-one meetings.

Dedicated Resources

IAMG is committed to the resources necessary to enhance our services, including, in-office appointments, marketing round table discussions, interactive conference calls, and face-to-face Member/Staff meetings three times a year.

Direct Communication and Service

Dedicated to meeting the needs of ALL our customers, we promise personal contact from the IAMG corporate office on a monthly basis. From personalized emails and phone communication, we are here to discuss any topic or issue.

Corporate Endurance

Economics shifts have introduced an era of uncertainty into todayʼs landscape making it essential to invest in partners with a proven track record of results. For Over 25 Years, the IAMG staff has been dedicated to your business and will continue making your success our priority, for many years to come.