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The focus of IAMG is to bring the highest level of marketing and product support to our PBE Members, Manufacturers and Jobber customers. Our mission is to ensure our Partners the highest level of success and profitability in the industry.

—International Autobody Marketing Group

Our Expertise

IAMG PBE (Paint, Body, and Equipment) distributors in North America play a crucial role in the auto collision market segment, offering several benefits to various stakeholders, including collision repair shops, jobber stores, automotive manufacturers, and DIY consumers.

Supply of Quality Products

IAMG distributors through their dedicated jobber stores, ensure collision repair shops can access high-quality automotive paints, body repair materials, and equipment. This ensures that repairs are conducted to industry standards and that vehicles are restored to their pre-accident condition.

Diverse Product Range

Our distributors offer various products, including paints, primers, clear coats, abrasives, masking materials, and tools. This variety allows collision repair shops to choose the right products for each repair job, improving efficiency and quality.

Technical Support

Many PBE distributors, jobbers and manufacturers provide technical support and training to collision repair technicians. This assistance helps technicians stay up-to-date with the latest repair techniques and product innovations, ultimately improving the quality of repairs.

Cost Savings

By sourcing products from IAMG distributors, jobbers can often benefit from bulk purchasing and competitive pricing. This can lead to cost savings, which may be passed on to collision repair shops and consumers to improve profitability.

Market Knowledge

IAMG distributors understand market trends, including new automotive technologies and materials. They can provide valuable insights to jobbers and collision repair shops, helping them adapt to changing industry demands.

Partnerships with Manufacturers

Our distributors often have strong relationships with paint and equipment manufacturers. This can result in access to the latest products and technologies, allowing repair shops to stay competitive in the market.

The Complete Package


IAMG offers reliability through longevity. Our Member Warehouses, some in business for more than 80 years, the oldest over 100, solidify success rooted in experience. IAMG covers North America with unmatched service, experience and product offerings. 

Best In Class

IAMG partners with 40+ Elite Vendor companies to establish objectives, create a shared solution that best supports their brand, and utilizes opportunities to make a bold, value statement to the Warehouse, Jobber and End User.

30 Years

Private Label
Our extremely successful private label program (5 STAR XTREME Autobody Products®, ADVANTAGE Refinish Products®, 5 STAR ADVANTAGE Autobody Products®, Pure Reflections®, and Professional’s Choice Tools®) have a proven industry track record that fosters brand loyalty.


Cutting-edge platform targeting Collision Repair Shops, Vo-Tech Schools, Hobbyists, and DIY-ers where IAMG Warehouses and their 215+ Salespeople can connect with Jobbers/ End Users across North America. We offer direct, strategic programs for every level of distribution in the PBE industry.


Each May we invite our elite PBE Manufacturers for round-table discussion with all IAMG Member warehouses. Over that week, we focus on communication, promotions, issues, pricing, customer relations/service all with an outreach charity focus!


IAMG consists of three fundamental divisions; Administrative, Marketing, and Private Label designed to track goals and deliver results. Each division provides a singular service that work in tandem, meeting the needs of our Member Warehouses.

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32 Years

Built to Last
Economics shifts & a global pandemic have introduced an era of uncertainty into today’s landscape, making it essential to invest in partners with a proven track record of results. For 32 years (2024), the IAMG staff has been dedicated to our WD’s and will continue making YOUR success our priority, for many years to come.


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We invite you to embark on this exciting journey with us. Whether you're a manufacturer, distributor, or jobber, we have the expertise and dedication to elevate your brands and service and help drive your success.
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